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LadyMaria Antionette is BLESS to be Partnering with so many Italian Designers and MANUFACTURERS. BERAKHOT!!! Offering High-end Luxury and Trend Products! 100% Authentic Made in ITALY.

"A PROVIDENTIAL E-Commerce Italian Designers' Fashion Store.

She has the same birthday as Tina Turner and name like Queen Marie Antoinette whom she admired both as Vivacious Women. They both are known by their shoes. The owner will be selling Made in Italy Shoes. 

The Owner is a former Vocational Business Career Education Teacher who has taught Adults Battered Women, Homeless, Young Adults, Minorities desired to reach their highest potential and being a blessings. PROCEEDS NONPROFIT to open a Vocational Career Alternative School and Retreat for the At Risk Youths, their Parents and Other NonProfit Projects. They learned how to be Committed, Compassionate and Confident. The owner desired and passion are to hired and have independent contractors for a lucrative, longevity, high-end, highly favored PRODIGIOUS, PROPITIOUS and PROSPEROUS PRODUCTS. Mopro Company is helping me to reach my desired and passion. Owner will be selling other products from Other Countries like USA, FRANCE etc for Men, Women, Children and Babies in all sizes."


LadyMaria Antionette would love to THANK MOPRO COMPANY and their PROTEAM for their PROFESSIONAL SERVICES.  Excellent Customer Service!

Thank you so very much Cory Anderson and MoPro Supervisor Rose Soriano.         

Thank you so very much Rolyn Mark Orquillas, Efren Viscara, Frekie Academia, R-Ney Albarando, Donna Anciano, Carmela Diosana, Angela Roa, Neil Canete and Joseph Rago for creating and building an Awesome Beautiful Exquisite  Professional Website.



BERAKHOT blessings to support At Risk Youths and Their Parents, The Battered Women, Breast Cancers, The Elderlys, To Create Jobs and Independent Contractors plus Other NonProfit Companies. Building a Vocational Alternative Boarding School.

 To all my Prospects/Customers and the Mopro Company/ProTeam: